• Streets and Roads

    Streets and Roads

    ESP provides on-call subsurface utility location services for various cities, counties and other local governmental entities to support CIP projects. With three vacuum excavation systems and multiple utility locators and ground penetrating radar (GPR) systems, we have the equipment and experience to quickly and safely locate and map underground utility features.

  • Electric Utilities

    Electric Utilities

    Working in high-voltage utility corridors requires specialized knowledge of the electric utility industry and their safety requirements. Since 2009, ESP has provided surveying, subsurface utility surveys and vacuum excavations for electric utilities on an on-call basis across the country.

  • Commercial Development

    Commercial Development

    Having a thorough understanding of underground utility infrastructure prior to design or construction can save time and money for construction projects, and, even more importantly, avoiding potential injury. Level A and B SUE services in support of site construction is performed at critical locations to avoid damage to existing utilities during the construction.

  • Colleges and Universities

    Colleges and Universities

    A clear understanding of underground utilities is critical for campus expansion and reconstruction. ESP’s SUE teams support institutions of higher education across the South East to locate and map their utility infrastructure.

  • K-12 Schools

    K-12 Schools

    ESP supports local school districts with subsurface utility mapping for campus expansion and new construction. From records research to vacuum excavation, our SUE professionals are experienced in the site safety requirements of early education facilities.

  • Residential Developments

    Residential Developments

    SUE services provide valuable information at the design and construction stages of single-family and multi-family residential developments.

ESP’s subsurface utility engineering (SUE) division applies the latest technology and methods to accurately map underground utilities for design/construction projects. The quality and accuracy of a subsurface investigation is based not only on the right equipment and techniques, but also on the experience of the people performing the service.

That’s why, in addition to its investment in non-destructive vacuum excavation equipment and geophysical/remote-sensing devices like ground-penetrating radar, ESP employs professional surveyors and engineers with more than 60 combined years of experience performing SUE services. Our high-tech equipment and qualified professional staff allow ESP to provide our clients with accurate and efficient subsurface utility mapping for their projects.

SUE Services:

  • Utility records research
  • Data collection
  • Surface feature utility surveys
  • Design analysis
  • Utility designation
  • Utility mapping
  • Test-hole locations
  • Vacuum excavation
  • Ground penetrating radar (GPR)
  • Surface geophysics
  • Borehole geophysics