• State-of-the-art Equipment

    State-of-the-art Equipment

    ESP provides comprehensive roadway condition assessments using our pavement and asset van, equipped with ICC IrisPRO Pave data collection and Trimble MX9 mobile mapping systems, and two Ladybug 5+ cameras. Our multi-sensor van delivers an optimal pavement condition survey combined with survey-grade mobile mapping.


  • Pavement Data Overview

    Pavement Data Overview

    Pavement data is collected with the ICC IrisPro Pave Data collection system. Deliverables include: surface defects and roadway surface conditions, calculation of the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) for each street, and surface distresses like fractures and distortion.

  • ESP Pavement and Asset Inventory Van
  • Asset Inventory Collection

    Asset Inventory Collection

    Asset information is collected with the Trimble MX9 mobile mapping system. The inherent accuracy, precision, coverage and range of the MX9 system enables extraction of sidewalks and ramps at intersections but also full roadway section, guardrails, signs, digital terrain models, bridge clearances, and any other road furniture in the right of way.

  • Pavement and Asset Inventory
  • Asset Collection

    Asset Collection

    The Mobile Mapping System provides comprehensive ROW coverage of all roadway assets in conjunction with the pavement condition collection.

  • ESP Pavement and Asset Inventory
  • Pavement Distress

    Pavement Distress

    The system automatically detects most cracks, ruts, distresses, patches, and other road surface information.  These items are plotted for individual adjustment and analysis.

ESP invested in vehicle-based scanning in late 2010, with the purchase of the first Trimble MX8 system ever produced in the U.S. We have since added 4 additional systems to meet our clients’ needs for mobile scanning services. In 2015, we enhanced our mobile mapping capabilities by adding a Dalsa Spyder 3 downward facing linescan camera to collect pavement imagery for evaluation. In 2020, we added an IrisPRO Pave data collection vehicle for comprehensive roadway condition assessments.
We combine state of the art pavement collection and survey-grade mobile mapping sensors in one vehicle, which allows us to gather imagery and location of your assets, for your entire network of roads, in a single mobilization.

What does our vehicle have?

  • 2D/3D Pavement Imaging System
  • Transverse and Longitudinal Profile, Roughness, and Rutting System
  • Mobile Mapping Laser Scanner
  • Survey Grade GPS with inertial movement sensor
  • Dual Ladybug 5+ 360 Cameras

What does this technology do?

  • Assessment and monitoring of pavement quality
  • Mapping of all roadway assets inside the ROW
  • Automatic pavement crack/distress detection
  • Fast, automated reporting to all common pavement management formats
  • Survey-grade deliverables available with post project ground control
  • Single-step import for all collected data