• Reservoir Bathymetric Mapping and Hydrographic Surveys

    Reservoir Bathymetric Mapping and Hydrographic Surveys

    ESP deployed its hydrographic vessel “Eridanus” for interferomic bathymetry using the Edgetech 6205 combined bathymetry and side scan sonar system for a dam reservoir. ESP also integrated single beam bathymetry to collect shallow water areas. ESP also collected mobile LiDAR overland data (DTM) to tie into the bathymetric DTM  to calculate slopes for design.

  • Sediment Monitoring with RC Z-Boat

    Sediment Monitoring with RC Z-Boat

    ESP surveyed a spoil basin for dredge materials, including banks, trees and overhead branches and water depths of the pond using our remote controlled Oceanscience Z Boat. ESP used pre- and post-water level elevations to apply tide gauge corrections to the final water depths/ topographic elevations.

  • State Port Authority On-Call Surveying

    State Port Authority On-Call Surveying

    ESP provided on-call cadastral, GPS and hydrographic surveying services for state projects for the North Carolina State Port Authority.

  • Bridge Scour Surveys

    Bridge Scour Surveys

    ESP performed an interferometric hydrographic survey to determine scour conditions around the bridge bents. Survey was conducted using ESP’s hydrographic survey vessel “Eridanus” equipped with Edgetech’s 6205 dual frequency bathymetric/side scan sonar and Applanix POS MV 320 Inertial-Aided Real-Time Kinematic technology.

  • R.O.V. Dam Inspections

    R.O.V. Dam Inspections

    ESP provides planning, observation, and reporting for the underwater inspection of the spillway systems using a Remotely Operated Vehicle (R.O.V.) equipped with scanning sonar and video. For limited underwater visibility, the inspections rely on 2D sonar for imaging the various spillway components, including trash racks, gates, debris buildup, and spillway baffles.

With the effects of wind, waves, and changing land and sea levels constantly altering our nation’s coastlines and navigable waters, precise positioning and data acquisition is vital to maintain and preserve these natural resources.

Hydrographic Services:

  • Interferometric swath bathymetry
  • Single frequency
  • Dual frequency
  • Co-registered side scan imagery
  • Riverine studies
  • Coastal studies
  • Pond/lake studies
  • Critical scour condition surveys for highway bridges
  • Sediment monitoring
  • Harbor bed scouring
  • Dredging studies
  • Volume surveys
  • Remote control bathymetric surveys
  • Over-water GPR
  • Magnetometer Scans