• UAS Flood Inundation Imagery Collection

    UAS Flood Inundation Imagery Collection

    ESP provided UAS support in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, flying UAS missions in the communities of Bucksport, Conway, Nichols, and Socastee to document peak flood stage levels in and around developed areas and critical infrastructure affected by environmental hazards.

  • Electrical Substation Survey

    Electrical Substation Survey

    To enhance efficiency, level of detail and safety for ongoing efforts at similar installations, ESP has established a hybrid approach using UAS, conventional surveying, terrestrial laser scanning, and subsurface utility engineering. Our UAS approach produces stereo image pairs, colorized digital surface models, and orthomosaic images.

  • Existing Conditions & Quantity Verification

    Existing Conditions & Quantity Verification

    ESP used its UAS system to quantify existing conditions for a development under construction. We flew the mission with stereo overlap to generate ortho mosaic imagery. We also generated surface model to help contractor balance site, and provided Google Earth images to develop time lapse photography

  • UAS for Residential Land Development

    UAS for Residential Land Development

    ESP supplemented a conventional survey of the amenity area of a residential development under construction using UAS collection to document as-built conditions and calculate the volume of a small stockpile on site.

ESP continues to invest in geospatial technology to provide our clients with the most efficient and cost effective services the industry offers. UAS services complement existing techniques, filling a need between large-area satellite/manned aircraft-collected imagery and smaller coverage, time-consuming, and highly accurate terrestrial mapping approaches. UAS services maximize our capabilities and maintain integrity and accuracy of the data and deliverables.

We have the experienced staff, aerial technology, and processing software to provide effective solutions. Our pilots are licensed, insured and certified to operate the UAS equipment, and our ASPRS photogrammetrists use a complete photogrammetric workflow to produce products derived from UAS data.

UAS Service Solutions:

  • Historic site photos
  • Erosion control inspection
  • Progress photos
  • Bridge / structure inspection
  • Emergency management
  • Cell tower inspection
  • Powerline inspection
  • Planimetric Mapping (2D)
  • SUE locations
  • Mapping (DTM, contours, planimetrics, orthophoto base maps)
  • Topography
  • Volumetric
  • Post clearing - site evaluation
  • Virtual Reality
  • Aerial inspection / data acquisition