• Stormwater Master Plans

    Stormwater Master Plans

    ESP develops town-wide drainage studies and stormwater master plans to pro-actively identify issues and prioritize improvement opportunities. We perform field survey, data compilation and spatial analysis, drainage system analysis, improvement and master planning analysis, and public outreach support.

  • Erosion and Sediment Control Plans and Inspections

    Erosion and Sediment Control Plans and Inspections

    Maintaining water quality during construction is critical. ESP provides erosion and sediment control plans and inspections for residential, commercial and industrial development projects.

  • Sediment Monitoring with RC Z-Boat

    Sediment Monitoring with RC Z-Boat

    ESP surveyed a spoil basin for dredge materials, including banks, trees and overhead branches and water depths of the pond using our remote controlled Oceanscience Z Boat. ESP used pre- and post-water level elevations to apply tide gauge corrections to the final water depths/ topographic elevations.

  • Bedrock Fracture Characterization

    Bedrock Fracture Characterization

    ESP provides geophysical services for industrial groundwater contamination projects, including lineament analyses, resistivity studies, and borehole televiewer logging. The results can indicate the likely locations and orientations of groundwater-bearing fractures that could control off-site contaminant migration.

  • UAS Flood Inundation Imagery Collection

    UAS Flood Inundation Imagery Collection

    ESP provided UAS support in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, flying UAS missions in the communities of Bucksport, Conway, Nichols, and Socastee to document peak flood stage levels in and around developed areas and critical infrastructure affected by environmental hazards.

  • Dam Breach and Inundation Mapping

    Dam Breach and Inundation Mapping

    ESP supported various tasks in support of Emergency Action Plan development for significant and high hazard dams. Tasks included field reconnaissance, embankment and bathymetric survey, hydrologic spillway analysis, dam breach analysis, downstream hydraulic analysis, inundation mapping, EAP component development, and reporting.

  • Municipal Stormwater Consulting

    Municipal Stormwater Consulting

    ESP provides stormwater consulting services, including drainage system evaluation and master planning to extend flood hazard evaluation upstream and to identify and rank potential improvement projects.

At ESP, our engineers, surveyors and geologists work to maintain and improve our local watersheds to manage both water quality and water quantity.

From stormwater management for municipalities to supporting private developers in adhering to city requirements for runoff, we are committed to engineering balance for the inhabitants of the natural and built environments.

Watershed Protection Services:

  • Stormwater Management
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Plans and Inspection
  • Inundation Mapping for Spillways/Dams
  • Stream Restoration
  • Sediment Monitoring
  • UAV Mapping for Environmental Hazards