• Commercial Buildings and Parking Decks

    Commercial Buildings and Parking Decks

    During construction, ESP provides Special Inspection and construction materials testing services for fill soils, rammed-aggregate pier construction, foundation excavations, reinforcing steel, reinforced concrete, water-proofing, masonry, structural steel, sprayed fire resistant material, stone base and asphalt.

  • Multi-Family Residential and Parking Decks

    Multi-Family Residential and Parking Decks

    ESP provides geotechnical engineering, special inspections and construction materials testing services for the construction of multi-story apartment/condominium structures with a below grade parking decks.

  • Amusement and Recreation

    Amusement and Recreation

    For the zMAX Dragway project our team provided geotechnical engineering, special inspections, and materials testing services. ESP worked around the clock, as needed, during grading, pavement and building construction in order to verify compliance with the project plans and specifications.

  • Colleges and Universities

    Colleges and Universities

    ESP performed Structural Steel Special Inspections for bolted and welded steel connections including visual inspection and non-destructive testing methods. The steel framed building is 3 stories in height and enclosed 104,000 square feet.

  • Industrial Facilities

    Industrial Facilities

    ESP provides construction materials testing and Special Inspection services for complex industrial and data center facilities. To support expedited schedules, we often work 6-7 day work weeks during testing and inspection operations.

  • K-12 Schools

    K-12 Schools

    ESP provides geotechnical engineering, Chapter 17 Special Inspections and materials testing for many area school districts. Project include renovations and new campus facilities, including school buildings, parking, athletic fields and associated infrastructure.

ESP’s personnel are trained extensively in the performance of Special Inspections (including training in multiple inspection types) with regard to code interpretation, reading of plans, understanding project specifications, etc.  They are also well trained in information communication skills that result in value added to a project team.

Special Inspection Services:

  • Soil and foundation inspections
  • Reinforcing steel inspections
  • Reinforced concrete inspections
  • Post-tensioned concrete inspections
  • Wall panel/veneer inspections
  • Cold-formed steel framing inspections
  • Masonry inspections
  • Structural steel inspections
  • Steel fabrication plant inspections
  • Structural weld and/or bolt inspections
  • Fireproofing inspections
  • Wood framing inspections
  • EIFs inspections