• Industrial / Heavy Civil

    Industrial / Heavy Civil

    ESP provides geotechnical engineering and construction material testing for industrial and heavy civil projects, including power generation plant expansion.

  • Streets and Roads

    Streets and Roads

    ESP provides construction materials testing and CEI inspection for municipal and county bridge and roadway expansions across the Carolinas.

  • Municipal Jail Facilities

    Municipal Jail Facilities

    ESP provided testing and inspection for a municipal jail facility project. Project includes demolition of an existing shopping center and construction of a 37,000 square foot single story, load bearing masonry structure with a steel framed roof and site work.

  • Utility Infrastructure

    Utility Infrastructure

    ESP provides materials testing services during the construction of utility infrastructure for all types of site development projects, including municipal buildings and infrastructure, residential and commercial site development, and energy generation facilities.

  • Amusement and Recreation

    Amusement and Recreation

    Our team has provided a complete range of professional services in support of the planning, design and construction for amusement park facilities, including extensive geotechnical engineering, materials testing, and special inspections for more than a dozen projects.

  • Rail and Freight

    Rail and Freight

    ESP has the experience and expertise to assist federal, state and local governments with materials testing for rail and freight projects and add value to teams.

  • Public Safety and Government Buildings

    Public Safety and Government Buildings

    ESP provides geotechnical engineering, Special Inspection and construction materials testing services for the government buildings, including police and fire stations, garage facilities, and parking and associated infrastructure.

  • Commercial Buildings and Parking Decks

    Commercial Buildings and Parking Decks

    During construction, ESP provides Special Inspection and construction materials testing services for fill soils, rammed-aggregate pier construction, foundation excavations, reinforcing steel, reinforced concrete, water-proofing, masonry, structural steel, sprayed fire resistant material, stone base and asphalt.

  • K-12 Schools

    K-12 Schools

    ESP provides geotechnical engineering, Chapter 17 Special Inspections and materials testing for many area school districts. Project include renovations and new campus facilities, including school buildings, parking, athletic fields and associated infrastructure.

  • Residential Developments

    Residential Developments

    ESP provides materials testing services to support single-family and multi-family residential development construction across the Carolina's. ESP has the unique advantage of being able to easily and seamlessly incorporate our subsurface-related recommendations into the planning and design phases of a project.

ESP laboratories are accredited by AASHTO and/or DOT programs, including inspections by AMRL, CCRL and DOT inspectors.  Our engineering technicians are certified by the American Concrete Institute (ACI), Independent Code Council (ICC), American Welding Society (AWS), American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), State DOT’s, and more.

Materials Testing Services:

  • Soils evaluation and testing
  • Earthwork monitoring and testing
  • Lime stabilization evaluation
  • Geosynthetic liner inspection
  • Soil cement analysis
  • Foundation construction monitoring
  • Deep foundation load testing
  • Reinforcing steel inspection
  • Post-tension tendon inspection
  • Concrete testing
  • Floor flatness testing
  • Weld inspection and NDT testing
  • Masonry inspection
  • Fireproofing inspection
  • Pavement evaluation and testing
  • Aggregate testing
  • Asphalt testing
  • SWPPP inspection services