• Countywide Floodplain Mapping

    Countywide Floodplain Mapping

    ESP supports County government floodplain map maintenance initiatives, including field surveying and technical review support and detailed study. In addition, we provide added value services by developing non-regulatory RiskMAP products and innovative data products to facilitate use, visualization, and public outreach of new countywide mapping.

  • Pavement Data Overview

    Pavement Data Overview

    Pavement data is collected with the ICC IrisPro Pave Data collection system. Deliverables include: surface defects and roadway surface conditions, calculation of the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) for each street, and surface distresses like fractures and distortion.

  • High Water Mark Surveys for Emergency Storm Response

    High Water Mark Surveys for Emergency Storm Response

    ESP has provided emergency response survey support for many significant storms and hurricanes throughout the U.S. in support of FEMA's Hazard Mitigation and Technical Assistance Program (HMTAP). This included rapid response, ferrying and surveying alongside coastal scientist and engineers collecting thousands of perishable high water marks (HWMs) after storm events.

  • Control for Aerial Mapping

    Control for Aerial Mapping

    Through our large group of licensed surveyors and extensive professional network, ESP provides wide-area control and validation surveys for aerial photogrammetry and airborne LiDAR mapping.

ESP understands the entire flood risk cycle from base data collection through effective issuance. We have a dedicated survey department for H&H surveys who have worked closely with water resource managers and hydraulic modeling engineers over the past 15 years to provide accurate survey data to streamline H&H model input.

Since 2000, ESP has performed thousands of surveys for FISs, including field survey of over 12,000 hydraulic structures, 2,400 cross sections, 1,450 high water mark surveys, 243 coastal transects, and 130,000 remote sensed first floor elevations (FFE). ESP stands ready to support the surveying needs for H&H studies. We are also equipped for surge capacity needed to respond to natural disasters, such as flood and hurricane events.

H&H Survey Services:

  • Hydraulic structure surveys
  • Dam and levee surveys
  • Hydrographic cross section surveys
  • Coastal transects
  • Aerial LiDAR and orthophotography control and validation surveys
  • High water mark (HWM) surveys
  • First-floor elevations (FFE)
  • Elevation certificates