• Railways and Rail Yards

    Railways and Rail Yards

    ESP used 3D laser scanning and conventional surveying to produce a topographic survey of 7.5 acres of rail yard. We collected and mapped  track locations including points of switch, frogs, top-center of rails and rail elevations, structure footprints, roadways, and existing topographic conditions within the designated area to assist with railroad design.

  • Bridge Damage Assessments

    Bridge Damage Assessments

    ESP uses 3D scanning technology to remotely collect bridge features, including detailed information for damage assessments.

  • Buildings and Facilities

    Buildings and Facilities

    Accurate maps and inventories of buildings and facilities can be collected using 3D scanning. ESP used our 3D laser scanning equipment to capture interior and exterior details of a two-story 50,000 square foot school facility with 50 rooms.

  • Rock Face Monitoring

    Rock Face Monitoring

    ESP uses both static and mobile LiDAR field collection for rock face monitoring along various roadways. Using a point cloud to-mesh comparison, we are able to see a color coded depiction of changes within the rock faces or ditch line areas based on pre-defined dimensions/measurements.

  • Sports and Entertainment

    Sports and Entertainment

    ESP provided Level A and Level B SUE services and 3D scanning in support of site construction for the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, NC.3D scanning was collected to provided 3-D linework and detailed dimensions for fabrication.

  • Industrial Facilities

    Industrial Facilities

    ESP performed static 3D laser scanning to capture all interior details of a University steam plant. We used a Leica 7000 to capture point clouds throughout the entire floor – approximately 25 scans were completed in 5 hours. Deliverables included registered point clouds delivered in PTS format for import into Navisworks.

  • Historic Documentation / Archaeological Scanning

    Historic Documentation / Archaeological Scanning

    ESP uses HDS 3D laser scanning for various historical documentation, including scanning a historic manufacturing mill in Wayne, NJ for archaeology research.

  • Streets and Roads

    Streets and Roads

    3D scanning is used for traditional roadway topographic surveys, and can be used to provide detailed pavement fault information for specified locations. Remote collection helps increase safety for workers and the general public.

  • Highways and Bridges

    Highways and Bridges

    ESP provides 3D scanning services in supporting for highway and bridge projects for State DOT's and local governments. This technologies high resolution capture allows for complete collection of bridge detail elements to support design and construction activities.

Also referred to as ground-based LiDAR or static terrestrial LiDAR, 3D laser scanning technology allows ESP to safely collect spatial data for a site, structure or objects rapidly and remotely.

The information from a 3D scan provides accurate data in the form of an XYZ point cloud that can easily be modeled, geo-referenced and surveyed electronically, then used to create contours and TINs or exported into CAD software.

3D Laser Scanning Applications:

  • Site and engineering surveys
  • As-built surveys
  • Detailed intersection surveys for traffic studies
  • Volume and area calculations
  • Topographic and detail surveys
  • Fabrication and construction inspection
  • Quantity surveys
  • Manufacturing and reverse engineering
  • Historical and legal archive
  • 3D modeling and visualization
  • Forensic documentation
  • Pavement DTM’s for hydroplaning analysis