• Parks and Recreation

    Parks and Recreation

    Our planners work with local towns and cities to develop needs assessments for local recreation facilities and programs and survey community input for new or renovated park needs for grant applications and park facility improvements.

  • Single-Family Residential

    Single-Family Residential

    ESP works with home builders to provide planning and civil engineering services for single-family subdivisions, including residential units and amenities such as recreation centers, golf courses, tennis, basketball, volleyball, pools, and walking trails.

  • Multi-Family Residential

    Multi-Family Residential

    From initial concepts and renderings through the permitting process, ESP's planners work collaboratively with owners and engineers to design apartments, townhomes and senior living communities.

  • Senior Living

    Senior Living

    We support the unique development needs of retirement community and senior living projects through engaging and communicating throughout the planning, permitting, construction, and close-out processes.

  • Mixed-Use Developments

    Mixed-Use Developments

    As community planning evolves, mixed-use developments focus on economic health, sustainability, and the balance within “live, work, play” in our communities. ESP’s broad experience in public and private development projects and complete range of service lines give us a unique understanding of the needs of mixed-use projects.

  • Commercial / Office / Retail

    Commercial / Office / Retail

    Office, retail, lodging, mixed-use and recreation--for commercial developers, project schedules are critical. The integration of our service lines provides a complete range of support through the planning, permitting, construction, and close-out processes.

  • Banks Athletic Park

    Park and Recreation / Greenways

    ESP's planners and landscape architects work with private developers and local governments to design engaging pedestrian trails and open spaces to enhance our communities.

  • Education


    K-12 schools and institutions of higher learning such as colleges and universities have unique site planning needs. ESP can support campus development projects of all types and sizes.

  • Streetscapes


    ESP’s landscape architects provide streetscape solutions that help define a community’s aesthetic quality, identity, safety and mobility. Programs to improve streetscape conditions include changes to the road cross section, sidewalk conditions, landscaping, street furniture and materials specifications.

  • Sports and Entertainment

    Sports and Entertainment

    ESP's planners and landscape architects design pedestrian friendly and aesthetically pleasing amenities for amusement parks, museums, and sport facilities.

  • Entrance Monumentation / Theming

    Entrance Monumentation / Theming

    From conceptual and creative theming of communities and entrance monuments to detailed construction documents, ESP's landscape architecture team innovatively guides clients and owners to help create a vision and build final products.

  • Commercial / Office / Retail

    Commercial / Office / Retail

    In the competitive market for tenants, the landscape design and amenities associated with commercial office and retail space help to differentiate these spaces. ESP’s landscape architects develop site plans and pedestrian-oriented environments that create memorable experiences and contribute towards the overall financial success of our clients.

Our relationships begin with a client’s vision as our planners use graphic communication, the tool of our profession, to formulate creative design ideas and produce innovative project solutions. Creativity is combined with ESP’s interdisciplinary engineering, surveying and land planning expertise to produce an innovative and cost-effective project our clients can successfully build.

The cornerstone of ESP’s success is how our professionals add value to projects by combining creative site plan design solutions with in-house engineering analysis for all phases of the land development process. ESP has extensive experience with various government review agencies across the Mid-Atlantic region involving rezoning, annexation petitions, ordinance interpretation and other government processes associated with the land entitlement process.

Land Planning Services:

  • Master planning
  • Entitlement / rezoning coordination
  • TND /  TOD site planning
  • Sketch / concept plans
  • Due diligence and site evaluation
  • GIS, site analysis and inventory
  • Presentation graphics
  • Public hearing presentation
  • Neighborhood meeting facilitation
  • Agency coordination
  • Codes and standards layout
  • Permitting clearances, mitigation

Landscape Architecture Services:

  • Site planning
  • Planting plans
  • Hardscape design
  • Streetscape design
  • Design guidelines
  • Parks and recreation
  • Project theming/signage
  • Monumentation design/wayfinding
  • Site analysis and environmental inventory
  • Preparation of construction drawings
  • Construction administration