• Rail and Transit

    Rail and Transit

    Our team provides CEI, geotechnical engineering, surveying and SUE services in support of new light rail line expansion and existing rail line modifications. CEI services are provided for foundations, bridge structures, roadway construction, retaining wall construction, elevated grade improvements, utility construction and rail subgrade preparation.

  • Data Center / Industrial Facilities

    Data Center / Industrial Facilities

    ESP provided geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing and special inspection services for a 175,000 square foot data center building, parking, electrical substation, satellite dish farm, and retaining walls. This project had an expedited schedule that required 6-7 day work weeks and confidentiality regarding interior equipment components.

  • Industrial / Heavy Civil

    Industrial / Heavy Civil

    ESP provides geotechnical engineering and construction material testing for industrial and heavy civil projects, including power generation plant expansion.

  • Amusement and Recreation

    Amusement and Recreation

    For the zMAX Dragway project our team provided geotechnical engineering, special inspections, and materials testing services. ESP worked around the clock, as needed, during grading, pavement and building construction in order to verify compliance with the project plans and specifications.

  • Airports


    Our team is knowledgeable and experiences in providing geotechnical engineering per FAA specifications, DOT design standards, and other safety related issues required.

  • K-12 Schools

    K-12 Schools

    ESP provides geotechnical engineering, Chapter 17 Special Inspections and materials testing for many area school districts. Project include renovations and new campus facilities, including school buildings, parking, athletic fields and associated infrastructure.

  • Healthcare Facilities

    Healthcare Facilities

    ESP's geotechnical engineers provide subsurface exploration for hospitals and emergency care centers. Early understanding of soil conditions is important for project concept development and design.

  • Dams


    Our geotechnical engineers provide analysis of dikes/dam embankments to comply with regulatory requirements, including subsurface exploration services through the use of Soil Test Borings and CPT soundings to evaluates slope stability of the embankments and seismic stability/liquefaction potential.

  • Industrial and Warehouses

    Industrial and Warehouses

    For industrial construction projects, subsurface conditions are a major concern. ESP provides consultative geotechnical engineering to our clients regarding subsurface conditions for the benefit of cost and proforma analysis as well as to assist in the site and building design for industrial and warehouse facilities.

  • Residential Developments

    Residential Developments

    From foundation and floor slab design parameters to seismic site class designation and pavement design recommendations, ESP's geotechnical services add value to residential development design. We support single-family and multi-family development projects across the Carolina's.

  • Colleges and Universities

    Colleges and Universities

    Prior to construction, ESP provides subsurface exploration for new buildings on various college and university campuses. Based on the structural impacts of the initial findings, a second, more detailed, exploration is often performed in order to refine our soil related recommendations.

  • Public Safety and Government Buildings

    Public Safety and Government Buildings

    ESP provides geotechnical engineering, Special Inspection and construction materials testing services for the government buildings, including police and fire stations, garage facilities, and parking and associated infrastructure.

ESP provides consultative geotechnical engineering to our clients regarding subsurface conditions for the benefit of cost and proforma analysis as well as to assist in planned site development and building design.

Our engineers use drill rigs, CPT rigs, excavating equipment, geophysics, and other exploratory means to evaluate existing conditions and are experienced with the various geotechnical challenges presented by the geological regions that we work in. Soil testing and analysis are performed in our AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) accredited laboratories.

Our knowledge and information is used to assist with the development of low and high rise structures, dams/embankments, municipal structures, water features, pavement systems, bridges, slopes/walls, etc.

Common Geotechnical Analysis:

  • Deep and shallow foundation analysis
  • Foundation settlement analysis
  • Seismic site class analysis
  • Alternative foundation and soil improvement consultation
  • Liquifaction potential
  • Expansive soil problem solving
  • Soil modification (chemical treatment)
  • Rock characterization and consultation
  • Site dewatering design
  • Slab subgrade support
  • Slope/Dam stability and seismic stability analysis
  • Embankment/Dam seepage analysis
  • Pavement Structure design
  • Pile load testing