• Dam Construction Observation

    Dam Construction Observation

    ESP provides site investigation, evaluation and remediation, and construction observation for various earthen dam structures and emergency spillway systems. Services include subsurface exploration and laboratory testing, engineering analyses, permit applications, and construction observation.

  • Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Plant

    Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Plant

    ESP provided consulting services for a pumped storage plant hydroelectric facility on an 842-acre man-made reservoir. We performed observation and reporting on the annual hydrographic surveys, dive inspections of the clay liner, planning and observation of underwater repairs, and review of rehabilitation design for the interior access ramp.

  • Earthen Dams

    Earthen Dams

    The project consisted of additional analysis of the dikes/dam embankments to comply with new regulatory requirements. ESP collected in-place soil samples and soil data within existing embankments and evaluated the embankment slope stability and evaluated the seismic stability/liquefaction potential of the intermediate dam that divides the two ponds.

  • R.O.V. Dam Inspections

    R.O.V. Dam Inspections

    ESP provides planning, observation, and reporting for the underwater inspection of the spillway systems using a Remotely Operated Vehicle (R.O.V.) equipped with scanning sonar and video. For limited underwater visibility, the inspections rely on 2D sonar for imaging the various spillway components, including trash racks, gates, debris buildup, and spillway baffles.

  • Dam Safety

    Dam Safety

    ESP provides required dam safety inspection, including of review of as-built drawings, visual observations of the dam, review of diver observations made the day of the inspection, and preparation of a dam inspection report to the owner.

  • Dam Maintenance

    Dam Maintenance

    ESP provides surveying, geophysics, geotechnical engineering, civil engineering, water resource engineering, and inspections and testing services for earthen dam projects, including location of existing site features, repairs to the earthen embankment, rehabilitation of an existing service roads, and installation of controlled runoff drainage system.

ESP takes a practical approach to dam consulting. Our engineers, geologists, geophysicists, and surveyors have abundant experience providing professional services for new and existing dams. Our personnel’s dam experience range from rehabilitation of low hazard dams, to assessing slope stability and seismic stability of earthen dam embankments, to consulting on large hydroelectric dams.

Dam Consulting Services:

  • Dam safety inspections
  • Design and permitting for earthen dams
  • Hydrographic and sediment thickness surveys
  • Sediment dredging surveys
  • Location surveys for existing structures
  • Geophysical studies
  • Seepage and stability studies
  • Seismic stability/liquefaction analyses
  • Foundation exploration
  • Liner condition assessment
  • Hydrology and hydraulics evaluation
  • Spillway and breach routings
  • Emergency Action Plans (EAP)
  • Construction observation and materials testing
  • As-built plans and documentation