• Iowa Rapid-Response Flood Recovery Mapping

    Iowa Rapid-Response Flood Recovery Mapping

    Following the flooding in Iowa and the Midwest, ESP developed rapid response flood recovery modeling and mapping for Mahaska County, IA. The project included automated H&H modeling for more than 525 miles of stream. The project was chosen as a pilot project by FEMA for development of prototype RiskMAP products including multiple return period depth and water surface rasters and a unique digital distribution product using Esri’s ArcReader format.

  • FEMA Risk MAP Production and Technical Services

    FEMA Risk MAP Production and Technical Services

    Beginning in FY09, ESP supported FEMA’s Risk MAP program as part of the RAMPP JV serving FEMA Regions II, III, IV, V and VI. ESP either managed or is currently managing 11 updates to countywide flood studies. Project scopes have included engineering and mapping services for FIRMs, FISs and Risk MAP products and adherence to FEMA quality standards and specifications.

  • Dam Breach and Inundation Mapping

    Dam Breach and Inundation Mapping

    ESP supported various tasks in support of Emergency Action Plan development for significant and high hazard dams. Tasks included field reconnaissance, embankment and bathymetric survey, hydrologic spillway analysis, dam breach analysis, downstream hydraulic analysis, inundation mapping, EAP component development, and reporting.

  • Rio Hondo Watershed Base Level Engineering

    Rio Hondo Watershed Base Level Engineering

    ESP performed Base Level Engineering (BLE) for the Rio Hondo watershed in Lincoln, Otero, and Chaves Counties in New Mexico. The project included hydrologic and hydraulic modeling of approximately 970 miles of streams within the watershed.

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ESP uses an innovative suite of GIS based automated hydrologic and hydraulic (H&H) tools for the efficient development of H&H models. These tools leverage large amounts of LiDAR terrain data, survey data and H&H model data to develop riverine hydrologic and hydraulic modeling.

We have provided engineering and inundation mapping services supporting FEMA at the national level and at the local level for North Carolina and South Carolina.

Modeling and Mapping Methods:

  • FLO-2D
  • HEC-GeoHMS
  • HEC-Geo-RAS