• Multi-Modal Facilities

    Multi-Modal Facilities

    ESP performed the geotechnical, geophysical study and construction and foundation design recommendations for a new railroad/transportation terminal. This transportation hub will include shipping rail, commuter rail, local light rail, bus, vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

  • State-of-the-art Equipment

    State-of-the-art Equipment

    ESP provides comprehensive roadway condition assessments using our pavement and asset van, equipped with ICC IrisPRO Pave data collection and Trimble MX9 mobile mapping systems, and two Ladybug 5+ cameras. Our multi-sensor van delivers an optimal pavement condition survey combined with survey-grade mobile mapping.


  • Commuter Rail

    Commuter Rail

    Mobile LiDAR is an ideal collection technology for complex commuter rail system components, including rail lines and rail stations. Scanning is used to identify property encroachments, topographic mapping, and document as-built conditions.

  • Light Rail

    Light Rail

    Our team provides CEI, geotechnical engineering, surveying and SUE services in support of new light rail line expansion and existing rail line modifications. CEI services are provided for foundations, bridge structures, roadway construction, retaining wall construction, elevated grade improvements, utility construction and rail subgrade preparation.

  • Railroad / Bridge Replacement

    Railroad / Bridge Replacement

    The replacement of aging rail infrastructure and bridges requires an in depth understanding of subsurface features. ESP provides surveying and scanning, bridge and retaining wall subsurface explorations, and Subsurface Inventory Reports and Foundation Design Recommendation Reports for rail and bridge replacement projects.

  • Rail Yards

    Rail Yards

    ESP used 3D laser scanning and conventional surveying to produce a topographic survey of 7.5 acres of rail yard. We collected and mapped  track locations including points of switch, frogs, top-center of rails and rail elevations, structure footprints, roadways, and existing topographic conditions within the designated area to assist with railroad design.

Long, linear projects, with tight budgets and schedules, and heightened public exposure–this is the typical description of a rail/transit project. From ESP’s perspective, the tasks and needs are similar to other transportation efforts, but with the understanding that time efficiency and communication needs are likely heightened.

ESP has the experience and expertise to assist federal, state and local governments with these endeavors and to add value to teams. Our use of technology can assist with a strong understanding of the challenges and impediments for these long projects that traverse many properties, roadways, structures, etc. Our experience with rail and transit allow us to bring ideas and processes of value to our team.