• State-of-the-art Equipment

    State-of-the-art Equipment

    Our mobile LiDAR systems use vehicle mounted equipment, including two 3D laser scanners, front, rear and side-facing cameras, a military-grade IMU and two GPS receivers to collect continuous spatial point data while traveling at posted speeds.

  • Highways and Bridges

    Highways and Bridges

    ESP has provided mobile LiDAR mapping services on a full-time basis since 2010. In this time, we have completed more than 160 roadway scanning projects across 21 states in the U.S., including acquisition and processing for thousands of miles of roadway and bridges.

  • Positive Train Control (PTC) Railroad Scanning

    Positive Train Control (PTC) Railroad Scanning

    ESP performs mobile LiDAR data collection services for Positive Train Control (PTC) design and construction. Our hi-rail equipped mobile LiDAR system drives the rail with a 360-degree spatial imaging system, capturing fully synchronized georeferenced point clouds and high resolution imagery.

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  • Remote FFE Collection

    Remote FFE Collection

    In two coastal pilot studies, ESP used a combination of mobile LiDAR and GPS observations paired with laser inclinometer measurements to estimate elevation for approximately 360 structures in the Borough of Manasquan, a community severely impacted by Hurricane Sandy, and 980 at-risk buildings in the City of Virginia Beach.

  • Airport Runway Scanning

    Airport Runway Scanning

    ESP has provided project setup, ground control requirements, mobile LiDAR collection and extraction of deliverables for various airports across the U.S. Collection usually occurs during the late-night/early-morning hours in order to minimize the impact of runway closures on the airport’s schedule.

  •  Streets and Roads

    Streets and Roads

    ESP provides mobile scanning for various city and county government entities across the U.S. This technology provides for efficient collection of topographic features along roadways.

  • Rock Face Monitoring

    Rock Face Monitoring

    ESP uses both static and mobile LiDAR field collection for rock face monitoring along various roadways. Using a point cloud to-mesh comparison, we are able to see a color coded depiction of changes within the rock faces or ditch line areas based on pre-defined dimensions/measurements.

  • Pavement Assessment

    Pavement Assessment

    ESP's mobile LiDAR system is equipped with a Dalsa Spyder 3 downward facing linescan camera to collect pavement imagery. Coupled with the point cloud data, the system can be used for pavement surface and distress analysis and PCI score computations.

  • Commuter Rail

    Commuter Rail

    Mobile LiDAR is an ideal collection technology for complex commuter rail system components, including rail lines and rail stations. Scanning is used to identify property encroachments, topographic mapping, and document as-built conditions.

  • Dams and Electric Facilities

    Dams and Electric Facilities

    Mobile LiDAR provides remote collection capability for detailed data on dams and other electric facilities that would be difficult to access or present other safety concerns.

  • Flood Inundation Risk Mapping

    Flood Inundation Risk Mapping

    Higher accuracy data helps to better analyze flood risks. ESP collected and processed mobile LiDAR and developed elevation data for 4,300 miles of State owned roads and bridges at risk of inundation for sea level rise scenarios and coastal storm surge elevations.

  • Asset Management

    Asset Management

    The speed and breadth of data collection, along with its line-of-sight collection, makes mobile LiDAR an ideal technology for large area asset management collections.

Mobile LiDAR is a state-of-the-art technology used to collect mass quantities of terrestrial LiDAR for topographic mapping and asset extraction, and ESP has been on the forefront of its application.

This fast and accurate collection provides the most efficient method of topographic and surface feature data collection along highways, secondary roads and other routes permitting vehicle access.

Mobile Mapping Applications:

  • Planimetric and topographic mapping
  • Highly-accurate pavement DTM’s
  • Asset management (distribution lines, signage, clearances, above-ground utilities, etc.)
  • Highway and roadway design surveys
  • Railway asset collection and PTC mapping
  • Tunnel mapping
  • Statewide bridge clearance inventories
  • Transmission line clearance inventories
  • Bridge slope protection and seams