• Stormwater Master Plans

    Stormwater Master Plans

    ESP develops town-wide drainage studies and stormwater master plans to pro-actively identify issues and prioritize improvement opportunities. We perform field survey, data compilation and spatial analysis, drainage system analysis, improvement and master planning analysis, and public outreach support.

  • Municipal Stormwater Consulting

    Municipal Stormwater Consulting

    ESP provides stormwater consulting services, including drainage system evaluation and master planning to extend flood hazard evaluation upstream and to identify and rank potential improvement projects.

  • On-Call Stormwater Maintenance and Repair

    On-Call Stormwater Maintenance and Repair

    ESP provides support services on an on-call basis for drainage issues identified through the City’s drainage request hotline. Services include property owner coordination, data collection, site evaluation, H&H, preliminary engineering and remediation design, plan preparation, permitting and other relevant services.

  • Stormwater Inventory

    Stormwater Inventory

    ESP's survey teams use the latest equipment to collect system-wide stormwater features for county and municipal inventory projects and future planning.

Successful stormwater management services involve the coordination and communication to not only analyze and assess drainage system features, identify improvements and cost/benefit analysis, but also coordinate with local officials and engage with the community about their unique needs. Open communication with project stakeholders is essential.

ESP has a dedicated staff of water resources and civil/stormwater engineering professionals, including licensed Professional Engineers and Certified Floodplain Managers, supported by our local survey, GIS, and other professionals to provide innovative and added-value services. We have extensive resources and experience in the key related practices needed to perform stormwater and drainage studies and prepare master plans.

Stormwater Management Services:

  • Stormwater Master Plans (SWMP)
  • Public education and outreach, including web-based ArcGIS applications
  • Data information and collection
  • Stormwater analysis
  • Water quality assessments
  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic modeling
  • Improvement alternative analysis
  • Project ranking and implementation
  • Conceptual designs