• Airport Runway Scanning

    Airport Runway Scanning

    ESP has provided project setup, ground control requirements, mobile LiDAR collection and extraction of deliverables for various airports across the U.S. Collection usually occurs during the late-night/early-morning hours in order to minimize the impact of runway closures on the airport’s schedule.

  • Airport Obstruction Surveys

    Airport Obstruction Surveys

    Our surveyors perform obstruction surveys for regional and international airports across the U.S. This includes the necessary field survey and prepared a report and map defining precise locations and extents of observed obstructions into the approach surface.

  • York County Airport Dual Hangar Relocation

    York County Airport Dual Hangar Relocation

    ESP assisted the Dual Hanger project at the York County Airport providing geotechnical, materials testing, and Special Inspection services. Geotechnical services included subsurface exploration of the existing soils, recommendations for subgrade repair operations, shallow foundations, and construction considerations.

  • Charlotte Douglas International Airport Access Road

    Charlotte Douglas International Airport Access Road

    The project consisted of refurbishing the existing gravel roadway and extension of same. Project specific tasks included excavation of excess material, installation of pipe culverts, installation of compacted fill, installation of geotextile fabric, construction of earthen berm, installation grading and compaction of stone for roadway.

Working on airport projects requires a unique set of skills, capabilities and knowledge.  Airports are a combination of FAA governed travel systems for airliner conveyance, roadway and/or highway projects that can be controlled by federal, state and/or local funding mechanisms, and large buildings that require a firm understanding of local building codes, approval processes and standards of care.

ESP’s design support services and construction related services are accustomed to these challenges and have the credentials and experienced staff to meet typical project needs. AASHTO accredited laboratories, DOT, NICET and/or ICC certified staff members, FAA design standards, DOT design standards, IBC design standards, and other related qualifications/knowledge are all items that ESP uses when working on airport related projects. 

In addition, we understand the unique security and safety requirements that must be adhered to when working around airport facilities.  As a result, we have established quality control procedures for our projects that are driven by safety requirements and safety processes.